First contribution to Laravel : Most popular PHP framework of 2014

Before switching to Laravel, I used to be a fan of CakePHP

I got a multi-lingual web app project  in which we need to sanitize some timezones. I wrote it for my project then I proposed to include it in Laravel by filing a proposal (link). And happily got green signal from Taylor Otwell. I forked laravel/framework, made changes and filed a Pull Request here. Documentation for uses can be found here 

Taylor Otwell merged my commits 🙂 Cheers !

So, if you are using Laravel > v4.2. It have 42 lines of code written by me 😛

Are you looking to contributing to Laravel? Here is the key.

Facebook Themes:Independence Day

Believe me or not there are no support from facebook for themes like myspace and oldie-goldie orkut is having.
But still d’t panic as developers have find a way to do so. Today I too created my first theme and made it public.
To install my theme just follow two simple steps:

from you can select more themes.


  1. this method work only for firefox, chrome and not ie.
  2. It is only a user view.