Blockchain explained in 6 steps – for your toddler and your manager

Want to explain to a toddler how Blockchain protocol works or your father asked you recently about blockchain or cryptocurrency stuff?

Here, I’ve tried to explain it in 6 simple steps for different persons in your life.

For your toddler –

  1. ‘A’ wants to send money to ‘B’
  2. A block is created representing a transaction
  3. Block is broadcast to every node(miners) in the network
  4. Node verifies the block and create a consensus
  5. Block is added to the existing chain
  6. Money moves from ‘A’ to ‘B’

For your manager –

  1. Your cousin Seema in the USA wants to send money to you in India and she doesn’t want to put his hard earned money in the hands of some middleman like banks and wiring service providers for which they take a ‘brokerage’.
  2. Seema sends you some bitcoins which get recorded in form of a ‘transaction’ over the bitcoin cryptocurrency network.
  3. The ‘transaction’ that ‘Seema sent some bitcoins to you’ is shared with everyone in the network in a secure way.
  4. Every node in the network reads this ‘transaction’ and actually verifies that Seema has actually sent some bitcoins to you.
  5. When all the nodes or miners have created a consensus that this transaction is legal, it gets added to the public distributed ledger.
  6. You get your money without any middleman in secured, fast and anonymous way.

Make your own smileys in facebook chat

Just bored by sending 🙂 or 🙁 even :p. Days of these smileys are just over. You can send a biscuit to your pet over fb-chat provided your pet should be on other side :). You can send a rose to your loved ones 😉 and….the list goes on…
So the trick is to make use of id.
Follow these GET-SET-GO steps to do so:

  1. GET (find id of your profile or page)
    • If you have not customized your public profile URL then it will look like:

    here the URL itself shows id=100001734798744.

    • If you have customized your public profile URL then it will look like:

    here no id is shown but username is shown. Username is “pradypradeep”.
    So, to find id in such case goto:

    You must replace your username in URL.

  2.  SET (type id in chat box)
    • Type the id in chat box.
  3.  GO (modify and press enter)
    • Enclose id as [[id]].
    • Example [[1331993178]] and hit enter.

    And now remains sending rose to your loved ones.
    So, to do so, make a facebook page, set rose as its page picture, then use page’s id in the same way.
    Example there is a rose page as:
    here id will be 55644998483. If you have customized the page URL too,then Id can be find out as pointed out above in GET step.You are now SET. Just GO to fb and have some fun.
    Update 1 – Dec 27,2011
    Beside Id, Usernames also work!! i.e. if written as [[pradypradeep]] or [[1331993178]], both will produce same result.