First contribution to Laravel : Most popular PHP framework of 2014

Before switching to Laravel, I used to be a fan of CakePHP

I got a multi-lingual web app project  in which we need to sanitize some timezones. I wrote it for my project then I proposed to include it in Laravel by filing a proposal (link). And happily got green signal from Taylor Otwell. I forked laravel/framework, made changes and filed a Pull Request here. Documentation for uses can be found here 

Taylor Otwell merged my commits 🙂 Cheers !

So, if you are using Laravel > v4.2. It have 42 lines of code written by me 😛

Are you looking to contributing to Laravel? Here is the key.

Make your own smileys in facebook chat

Just bored by sending 🙂 or 🙁 even :p. Days of these smileys are just over. You can send a biscuit to your pet over fb-chat provided your pet should be on other side :). You can send a rose to your loved ones 😉 and….the list goes on…
So the trick is to make use of id.
Follow these GET-SET-GO steps to do so:

  1. GET (find id of your profile or page)
    • If you have not customized your public profile URL then it will look like:

    here the URL itself shows id=100001734798744.

    • If you have customized your public profile URL then it will look like:

    here no id is shown but username is shown. Username is “pradypradeep”.
    So, to find id in such case goto:

    You must replace your username in URL.

  2.  SET (type id in chat box)
    • Type the id in chat box.
  3.  GO (modify and press enter)
    • Enclose id as [[id]].
    • Example [[1331993178]] and hit enter.

    And now remains sending rose to your loved ones.
    So, to do so, make a facebook page, set rose as its page picture, then use page’s id in the same way.
    Example there is a rose page as:
    here id will be 55644998483. If you have customized the page URL too,then Id can be find out as pointed out above in GET step.You are now SET. Just GO to fb and have some fun.
    Update 1 – Dec 27,2011
    Beside Id, Usernames also work!! i.e. if written as [[pradypradeep]] or [[1331993178]], both will produce same result.

Facebook Themes:Independence Day

Believe me or not there are no support from facebook for themes like myspace and oldie-goldie orkut is having.
But still d’t panic as developers have find a way to do so. Today I too created my first theme and made it public.
To install my theme just follow two simple steps:

from you can select more themes.


  1. this method work only for firefox, chrome and not ie.
  2. It is only a user view.

What’s inside your pocket

It gets very clumsy when we have “Too many” choices and its at it peak when we choose out a wrong alternative. Increasing choices many times only increase the probability of making wrong choices. And the same applies to our mobile browsers. Today there are about hundreds of mobile browser some of them are really a fly on nose, some are so great and featurefull as you. So, which are the best, I have made an attempt to figure
that out. I choose only those browsers which are compatible to J2ME/MIDP as (about) all the mobiles sets today have support for Java. I used the top 3 browsers : our favorite opera, the great UC, and featurefull bolt. Most of the mobile browsers work on SERVER-SERVER-CLIENT model, these three giants do so.

In SERVER-SERVER-CLIENT model request are made to an ‘intermediate-server’, this ‘intermediate-server’ fetches web-pages (according to request made) then compress them, optimize them and then send these compressed web pages to our mobiles.

Below is a tabular comparison of various feature of these browsers.
Marking scheme: */5

Now I think you would be very clear on that which browser suits your needs best.

What!! not very clear ok I am here:

Use Bolt :
* If you are a social guy (it supports direct posting to FB/Twitter)
* If you want full desktop view in your mobile (split screen/i loved the most of it)

Use Opera :
* If you want best UI
* If you want best page rendering

Use UC Browser:
* If you want fastest and cheapest web surfing (its compression ratio is much higher than others)
* If you are a download guy(I loved the most and depend on its DM superior capabilities)

Sources: wikipedia, cnet, my handson practical(i was unable to link it)