First ever resolutions

If there were an official Oscar for Being lazy, I would have won it at least with a probability of 1. As usual in each and every case, I start somewhat later. Being influenced by some peoples around me I have decided following things to get done by the end of this year. First I thought of making them just private but later decided to write down so that I have you to remind me about same. Here we go!

1. To learn at least one new language, going to prefer French.
2. Turn from an occational blogger to blogger.( taking this resolution second time, hoping I complete it this time).
3. To learn a musical instrument, not the Guitar, but Violen that my mom has always asked to me. (On lowest priority).
4. To improve my soft skills, not being dummy again.
5. “Being good to everyone”, 😉
6. To work/start a new open source project.
7. To write a developer centric reusable code.
8. To sleep less and doing some physical exercise.
9. To do less fb.
10. To complete these 10 points.

Superstitions and Science

        Are you crazy? (No, I am not making fun of you) Ok you answered no. Then why are you following all those superstitions  that are cluttered around us,some of them are having no meaning. What I heard? You  are not following those.Why you are not following those some of them have enough good scientific reason to follow them. What you said science in superstition? Ya (wo)man. Yes this blog-post  is devoted to this topic. There are many superstitions around us that many of us follow without
knowing the exact ins-and-outs behind it. Many superstitions are having cultural values and many are just not more than a superstition. I preferred to write in “Sentence-Explanation” format that follows
Superstitions having Scientific Values: 

  • After sneezing we are asked to stop for a while.
While sneezing our mind lost full control over the body(if not satisfied try opening your eyes while you sneeze).We are asked to stop so that our mind can take full control.
  • Couples with the same surname cannot marry; even if they are not related, they still belong to the same ancestry.
Marriage between closed relatives is not permitted in many ancient societies including India and China. It might be because of the traditional experience that such marriages can actually lead to defects in children. Scientific basis today confirms this fear. Though it is unlikely that these ancient societies understood complex genetics, they would have certainly observed the results of close marriages and hence, strictly shunned it.
  • Why are couples asked to worship Banyan Tree?

Couples specifically women who have Nagadosham are asked to do 108 Pradakshinas for 40 days which will help them over come the Dosham and have a happy married life with children. This is mentioned in the archives of Indian Hindu Mythology.

  • Eating sweet curd before exams brings good luck.

Its don’t make magic in fact curd have cooling effect which increases the throughput of our mind.

  • During night do not go under banyan tree.
Because plants give CO2 during night

  • Pregnant women must not come outside during solar eclipse.

It has been already proven that sun emits harmful UV rays. During solar eclipses, they becomes more intense so that can cause skin cancer to baby.

  • The act of putting water around the plate in which we have food and to keep some part of what is served in the plate outside the plate on the ground.

While we sit on the floor to have dinner/lunch. As we know water acts as a repellant to many tiny creatures that roam on the floor seen and unseen, hence the circle of water stops them to approach the plate when kept on the floor also they are attracted towards the part of food kept outside the plate making it safe to consume the food in the plate. This practice is redundant while eating on the dining table which is presumable cleaner than the floor. Those who still practice it on the table are just following tradition without knowing the meaning behind it.

  • Secluding women and girls of age during their menstrual period.

This was done primarily because during menses women undergo a lot of blood loss and hence are weak in health. Therefore they are barred from doing regular household chores and such. Also the discharge is of dead blood cells and the dead ovum, essentially dead tissues, which are easily prone to infections and hence at such times women were secluded and made to rest rather than catch infections for their own health and well being.

  • All the rivers are treated as holy.

So one can understand the importance of water in life………and to keep the rivers clean…..we didn’t  so that’s why we are buying water for survival…….and one day may be world war III for it.

  • Why do we apply Mehendi?

Generally all that we know of mehendi is that it is a part of Makeup (Shrigar) for a women. But actually it is medically proven that mehendi is like a cooling agent to the body that is why many people apply it on the head as well.

  • One is not supposed to cut nails in the evening.

One logic behind this one was that in old days there was no electricity and so the nails would be scattered here and there and also get mixed with the food.

Superstitions having Cultural Values:
  • Sati as a practice

Sati as a practice has been misinterpreted and is a classic example of following tradition blindly without knowing its full meaning. Why even in our mythology we have living widows like the three queens of King Dasarath, Father of Lord Rama and the famous mother of Pandavas Kunti. The practice of sati predominantly developed during the barbaric invasions of the muslim rulers from outside India, wherein the noble women preferred burning on the pyre along with their husbands rather than undergo humiliation, torture and disrespect at the hands of the invaders should their husbands die at war.

  • Why is it that Indian’s break coconut as an offering to God?

Coconut is said to be the most purest form of nature. The outer portion of it is rough and rigid which symbolizes proud and arrogant nature in Humans. The inner part of it is said to be soft and mild symbolizing the soul. Hence breaking the coconut will help us get rid of the pride and arrogance and bring out the serenity in us. The coconut water symbolizes the purity of our mind and heart .

  • Why do we have light a lamp in the temple?

Sandalwood, Flowers, Incense stick and Lamps are considered to be pure and hence they are given as an offering god every day as Naivedyam. These things help remove the darkness and negativity in ones life and bring in light and brightness in our lives

  • Dropping mustard on the floor means there is going to be fight in the house.

But the actual reason is that it is so small, once dropped it is difficult to pick-up that may cause employing beloved younger ones that may cause fight.

  • ‘4’ is considered unlucky – most people prefer to avoid it.(in China).

In Chinese, the word ‘four’ is pronounced as ‘si’ which sounds nearly the same as the word for death. A reference to death is not considered welcome in any society of humans, for the simple reason that anything that reminds us about ‘death’ makes us nervous.

Superstitions that are really superstition:

According to the Chinese, the twitching of the right eye in men signifies an important windfall or good luck, but a twitching left eye would signify ill luck. When it comes to right eye twitching in women, the belief is exactly the opposite, to that of twitching right eye in men.
Then we have the Indian version of these superstitions that are exactly opposite to the Chinese ones.

Is not it a “Dynamic” superstition which changes with respect to country. LOLz.In my case, I sometimes follow superstitions if it pleases elders(and doesnt affect me..):).So,keep your scientific eye open before denouncing anything and try to find out what actual reason there may be for any custom, tradition or practice.

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