FirefoxOS Hackathon at Unbox Festival

As an open source enthusiast, I believe in the philosophy of Mozilla’s FirefoxOS :  to bring the “openness, accessibility and opportunity” of web to mobile.

Last weekend,  I went to Unbox Festival. There, I got chance to help in organizing FirefoxOS Hackathon with FirefoxOS India Core team. The event was full of fun and excitement with peoples from very diverse fields like arts, literature, designers, technology, MIT, TED, IoT, open source, arduino and entrepreneurs.

You may peek into some snaps here

The FirefoxOS Hackathon was a 3 day long competition. First day was meant for hustling and looking for nice ideas to implement. Second day was devoted to forming teams and voting for ideas. Third day was for actual implementation.

There are lots of ideas floating around but I do believe that execution is better than idea. I believe in “Product guy” over a “Idea person”.

Today, the technology is changing at speed of thought and open-source software and hardware are taking this change “wave” into a “storm”. More specifically on hardware side, Arduino and Raspberry pi are taking the leads. These days, I am into Arduino (although, don’t know when will my first big IoT idea will shape into a product).

Some of the interesting resources, which I found from this event are enlisted below  :

1. Arduino + Robotics :
2. Photography :
3. FirefoxOS :
4. Arduino :
5. FirefoxOS :
6. IoT Academy :

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