First ever resolutions

If there were an official Oscar for Being lazy, I would have won it at least with a probability of 1. As usual in each and every case, I start somewhat later. Being influenced by some peoples around me I have decided following things to get done by the end of this year. First I thought of making them just private but later decided to write down so that I have you to remind me about same. Here we go!

1. To learn at least one new language, going to prefer French.
2. Turn from an occational blogger to blogger.( taking this resolution second time, hoping I complete it this time).
3. To learn a musical instrument, not the Guitar, but Violen that my mom has always asked to me. (On lowest priority).
4. To improve my soft skills, not being dummy again.
5. “Being good to everyone”, 😉
6. To work/start a new open source project.
7. To write a developer centric reusable code.
8. To sleep less and doing some physical exercise.
9. To do less fb.
10. To complete these 10 points.

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