Startup ideas – should make them lazy or make them crazy

As an avid reader about startups, I have figured out a feature that successful startups share in common.

They either solve a problem exceptionally well or act as a catalyst to the fun side of us. So, basically there are two types of ideas:

  1. Ideas that solve a problem: Let’s call them of “make them lazy” category. Because when we are solving a problem, unconsciously we are making users of our solution lazy. Be it online shopping, or providing them a remote control for tuning channels.
  2. Ideas that helps to have fun: Can we call them of “make them crazy branch? Essentially all the games applications, mary-go-round, wind-surfing make them happy, fun-filled, entertaining. Why not consolidate them in a single word “crazy”?

If you are looking for new ideas, don’t look for ideas. Think to make them lazy, to solve a real problem or somehow offer them fun to turn them crazy.

So, are you going to make them lazy or you believe in making them crazy?

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