PhoneGap : The Pre Big Picture !!

Bridging the gaps have became a rage of era. Be it be bridging of SMS by IM apps like hike or of voice calls by viber. But it goes really rocking when bridging is to bridge the technologies on web and mobile apps.

 There are many mobile cross-frameworks out, but as an open-source enthusiasts we call PhoneGap on the top, not just because of easy to use APIs but its capabilities to catch-up with existing web technologies like jQuery, jQueryMobile and Bootstrap(but i really don’t prefer it when it comes to small screens) are really rocking.
But the best part personally I like (probably all of us) is its extensions capability via various plugins. Plugins comes handy when we want to give our app a device specific function, like if we have got a customized hardware having a special button to start an app directly (remember devices to launch music players or facebook on one touch?). Here plugins comes handy. Search for a specific plugin on GIThub. If you don’t find one there, story doesn’t end here, head on to develop your own customized plugin and keep the open-source spirit of contributing alive.

Better than ever, recently PhoneGap launced its online build  tool , the best part is that it already supports git to control code, no hands up same!.
Developing with Phonegap is really gone super-excited when combined with many existing APIs and tools and technologies. My favorites flows down, with short description  and use case of  each:
1. HTML5SQL : Comes handy when we want to use SQL on client side.
2. Launchair : Lite-weight js to  implement client-side JSON based storage, comes handy for nonSQLees.
3. Ripple : Rocking Cross Platform emulator.
4. jQuery : De’facto cross-js APIs!
5. jQueryMobile : For front-end UIs
As a phone gap developer, the picture against us is really big, do it in HTML5, CSS3, JS, Native Code and much more…. hope this get you excited about PhoneGap. Stay tuned, more to come.
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