Pradeep Kumar loves web.
He always thinks about making web and front-ends sexier and useful.
Besides his interests for mobile, wearables and IoT, he loves startups and technology.

He aspires to be a successful entrepreneur.

Mostly, he can be found on twitter at prady00

Below is a timeline of my life, the shit I did or happened to me, in reverse chronological order:

  1. Jan 2015 : Joined W3C for Web Semantics
  2. Nov 2014 : Joined Mozilla Foundation to support various Mozilla Projects
  3. June 2014 : First open source code contribution
  4. May 2014: Did webinar on on web services
  5. March 2014: Joined UNO as an Online Volunteer for supporting NGOs across globe in Digital Marketing and Web Presence
  6. December 2013: Got on W2E, a public incubator for startups around NCR as Product and Marketing Expert
  7. April 2013: Talked about Drupal Distributions in an open-source community weekend meeting
  8. January 2013: Won Code4it, one-day internal hack event at Sopan Technologies.
  9. March 2012: Interned at as SEO and SMM Manager
  10. September 2011: Founded
  11. June 2011: interned at HP

If you are still itching to read more, here is my resume