Search Engine Optimization: SEO quick starter 1/5 – Introduction

Welcome back geeks, no big deal as usual. This time concepts of SEO spread over 5 small web-logs:
Search Engine Optimization: SEO Quick Starter 3/5 – On site techniques.
Search Engine Optimization: SEO Quick Starter 4/5 – Off site techniques.
Search Engine Optimization: SEO Quick Starter 5/5 – The bad parts.
SEO- What?
So, to start let me first tell you what I think about SEO.
“SEO is a game in which you have to take positive output out of an algorithm, without actually knowing it !”

Search engines like Bing and Google do not actually tell the algorithm they use to index, but  they provide some recommendations!!. So, SEO is just tweaking  your existing web application around these recommendations.

SEO- Why?
Its need of time! Yes competition around us says to us- “Do SEO or lag behind”. So, having a web-app running well is not the end. Be listed on first page for particular keywords in organic (non-sponsored)  search result becomes necessity to increase traffic to your site. SEO is all about generating leads, growing  faster, having an edge for competition and advertising at no additional cost!
SEO- Who?
SEO has evolved as a respected IT-Industry position after 90s. But with little efforts, developer can justify On-page and On-site SEO factors and let Off-site factors be improved by SEO.
SEO- Getting started
To start, let me assume that you are owner/admin of a website or are going to have one soon. By the time you know well what are the keywords (words that public will use to search your site). So, you need to understand what  is the competition that you have to face to be ranked higher in organic results, to analyze it use Google Keywords Tool.
What next!

Get your hands dirty with Google Keywords Tool well. Learn about its different aspects and wait while I write next post. You can get my posts directly in your inbox by subscribing (just enter your e-mail address on top-left). Stay tuned!!

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