There is no Android Vs Mozilla OS

From the day mozilla announced about its B2G project afterwards renamed as Firefox OS. Experts are comparing it with Android. “Android Vs Firefox OS” has become a new rage on search engines. But the truth is that they are not competing with anyone. Mozilla have a very different philosophy of doing work.
From the very beginning it relied on open-source, the most respected thing on the web!!

If there were no open-source philosophy our pockets would have ruined for OS to Microsoft, developers would be in a great pain due to ActiveX of IE, no linux, no firefox, no the bullish HTML 5 and in turn no android (coz. based on linux kernal).

Open source had always rocked!!
IE itself started supporting open standards in their latest release “the beautiful web”. Our web run on open source, yes it runs on linux servers. Our OS runs on open source. Our browsers run on open source. Most of the useful utilities we have are open-source because we, our-self don’t want to pay anything. So, no big day if one day we have smart devices running on open-source in our pockets.

Few experts have commented that HTML 5 apps, on which Mozilla OS is relying have no big future, they say that native API have better access to hardware but mozilla is working on the same.
Microsoft have already bend down to respect open-source by introducing Windows 8 Metro UI and apps, all the stuff based on HTML 5 open standards.
Google too is working on two mobile OS namely Android(native) and Chrome OS(open standards), but this giant have kept Chrome in background to have better control over market.

Corporate sector always want a monopoly on web. Mozilla is the only organization who prevents them to do so. So, mozilla is not competing. This respected organization is just keeping the things open, more accessible and cheaper than ever.


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  1. But my dear frnd for me its Microsoft who popularize personal computing. You can,t take away the credit. Yes, millons of people favours open source and linux. But, how many people in countries like India who ever heard about linux. I am not against linux but the fact is the whole IT industry is mostly depends on Microsoft and IBM solutions. The latest example is Windows AZURE.

  2. Yes you are right that Mozilla works very different from Google. Mozilla is a great company. Open source is good but what are its limits. Companies like Microsoft and Apple who build lincensed operating systems are not fools. The big thing for me whether it is Microsoft or Apple or Google or IBM or HP or Mozilla or Redhat or Suse or Canonical. All have their own principles, concepts, technology,

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