Object Orientation Around Us

Below is the essay created by me regarding the object oriented techniques used in various programming languages. Same was selected for college magazine “Shankanaad”, since then many changes have been made to it and in future may be more. So, lets enjoy it together…
  • My class CSE have many students (objects).
  • My college BSACET (package) is a collection of classes and offices(interface).
  • Each student have their own properties (variables) & behaviors (methods). 
  • They interact with each others (information sharing).
  • All students like me, have something to tell all (public), something that, they don’t want to tell others (private) & something we want to tell their friends (protected).
  • We all have contact number of each other (association).
  • Our friends do not share everything with us (information hiding).
  • Each of us have a brain (aggregation).
  • To make a presentation we don’t need to know the internal electronic circuit of projector or laptop (encapsulation).
  • Finally we will be out of BSACET as an engineer (Abstraction).
  • After serving as father/mother, husband/wife, sister/brother to different peoples (polymorphism).
  • We will get the property of our fore-fathers (Inheritence).
  • Then one day we will be out of this world and people will do funeral activities with us (garbage collection).

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