The Ins and Outs of MVC

Feeling good to see you here, let me first tell you that this post is not meant for learning what is MVC, it is for what are ins and outs of  MVC, what you have to pay for it and all that stuff.

  • Redundancy: Increased or decreased

This architectural pattern was described three decades ago and today it is considered as based practice. Although if we are having a simple web-app(non- MVC) based
, then converting it into an MVC app requires two steps one for making separate modals and then go for separating controller. Many times what happens, some modal or controllers are redundant. In such situations, what we should do? go with that redundancy or remove some functionality of app. Here MVC tricks you and bend your mind to smartly choose what is right or what is wrong.

  • Updations: Easy or Difficult

With MVC, updations are said to be simplest, like changing view and going with other two parts as it is. but when it comes to updation of some common objects like updating a common code between two views, one veiw object can play its part as a fulltoss but the performance of other may be just-done or under estimated.

  • Mobility: Mobile devices 🙂

MVC plays an important role when you are planning to set some mobile applications of your web-app for different platforms like J2ME,android and symbians.
Many times MVC scores more when it comes to such things, hey just even more than the readymade frameworks like springs and all others.

  • API: releasing the power of development

Many web-apps were re-written to provide API to third party (for development or integration of few services).Go with MVC and not all those wrong practices like making the whole site in jsp without using servlets and coding the data-access part on same page.

  • Desktop based application integration:Towards the oldie goldies 

MVC not only provides a well structured web-app but it will be good for you if are going with MVC as it provides a fantastic way to integration and embedding of services inside desktoppy apps.

  • Cross-technology functioning: Seems hard but !.

Our services can be embedded inside the other web-app and destoppys by use of URL-rewritting and streaming of bytes respectively.

If you are fan/AC of MVC then you are on a safe side and setting yourself to score above others.
Happy MVCing

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